Field Reports Available Now

My chapbook of flash fiction, Field Reports, is available now for purchase with FREE shipping anywhere in the USA for $10. All proceeds will be donated to Planned Parenthood.

Choose your preferred payment method below and be sure to either include your mailing address in the notes or message me so I can send a copy (or more) your way. And if you want them personalized or signed, just let me know!

Square Cash

Report: “The Emperor’s New Clothes”

I’ve got a new piece over at The Rumpus about the current state of the world. Here’s a snippet:

But still the hats sold. So many hats. Made in Los Angeles, where Hollywood is filming the end of the world on a loop. Down goes the Golden Gate Bridge. Down goes the Statue of Liberty. The apocalypse always starts at the coasts and never seems to reach Des Moines.

Read the whole thing here.

At The Rumpus: “Harvest”

I’ve got a brand new piece in the latest Readers Report over at The Rumpus. Here’s a sneak peek:

There were kids everywhere, doing chores at the edges or trailing a few feet behind and pretending not to, some as old as fourteen or fifteen. But the women kept asking Terri if she wanted to see the babies.

(Illustration by Christina Weidman.)

Flash Fiction: “Too Much, Too Soon”

My latest flash fiction for The Rumpus is up now. Here’s a preview:

It was a tidy, modern graveyard in California and traffic zipped by regularly, but the place terrified me. I got it into my head that if I took a single breath as we passed by it, someone I cared about would die. So I held my breath for a quarter of a mile every day, nearly passing out from the responsibility of keeping all the people I loved alive. Of course, they mostly didn’t notice.